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Let there be light... right there... in my picture... without blur...please?

Well if you read this mornings blog you will know by now I started the day rather frustrated with my inability to get the low light right, so I decided to mess around in my lounge room with the settings while my husband watched the footy. The room is dark except for the TV.

I played with loads of settings trying to get it right and eventually realised that its through trial and error and experience that you learn these things.

This is my first attempt to take the photo - as evidenced by the black exposure the room is pretty dark... F5.6 1/640s ISO-3200 FAIL.

After a few more snaps and a couple adjustments I got to this point - at least we have light now! F5.6 1.6s ISO-1600 SEMI-FAIL.

A few more photos and a few more adjustments.... F5.6 1/6 ISO-3200 ...edging closer!

OOOOOOHHHHHHHYYYYYEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH! Sharper cleaner and we are on our way to a photo worth keeping, detail is getting better and clearer without the grain but the colour is out. F5.6 1/4s ISO-3200...

F6.3 1/3sec ISO3200 and looking sharp - but the colours are still out. This photo is probably the clearest one and the one I personally find visually appealing.

Here we are at the finished product, this one probably more accurately represents my husbands skin colouring and the shirt colouring in the photo, slightly less sharp than the previous one F5.6 1/2s ISO-3200 but overall the better photo I think.

So what have I learned? I have learned that very dimly lit rooms no longer scare me, I am now able to take very clear photos in very low light!!! Now to add motion to that!

Jaana x

This blog was origianally poseted to facebook and can be found here:

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