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the fine print

As with any agreement, it is important for all parties to be clear on what is included and what is not included in the fee. I try to be as clear as possible to be sure expectations are met. When booking with Jaana Brown photography you will be asked to sign a contract relating to the following important points.

What is your refund policy?

We require a deposit of 50% of the booking fee to confirm your booking and will retain that fee in fill if you cancel your booking within 30 days of the event. If we manage to fill your booking space however before the date however we will refund you 30% of your deposit (retaining 20% to cover administration, wedding shoot preparation and time spent).


If you cancel outside of the 30 days, your deposit will be retained as a credit (with 20% deducted to cover administration and advertising). Credits expire 3 years from issue, and can be used for future photography services. This credit can be used for any kind of photography, over multiple sessions. The final 50% for deposits paid on non-cancelled bookings is due 2 weeks cleared in the account before your event.


What is included when I choose only some of the whole package?

Initial meeting to get to know each other, talk about your special day and take care of the admin.

Visits to your locations (with you) to review lighting and venue requirements

Facebook live catch-ups to construct your shoot lists, timeline and mood-boards

Password protected online share gallery to view and share photos.

Cloud-hosted (password protected) gallery with automated print ordering.

Minimum of 4+ hours per hour of  post-production & editing per photographer per hour we shoot for.

Hi Resolution copies of all the 'edits'

What is not included in my package?

Prints - these are additional if you order lab grade prints through us.

Travel (there is a surcharge of $50 per location we are required to travel to as part of your booking.

Meal Breaks - Your photographer will require a 10 minute meal break every 7 hours of your booking included in your fee.

How many digital files will be provided to keep as part of the booking without paying more?

You can expect between 30-80 digital files for each hour you book. 1 hour bookings will produce hundreds sometimes thousands of RAW files, we shoot in bursts of about 3-4 images to make sure we get the shot, These will be sorted, edited and the best approx 30-80 uploaded into a password protected gallery for you to view.

Do you have a set of wedding-specific images?

Yes, we work to a list we try to capture, provided you have allowed enough time for us to do this and the opportunity is afforded for us to do it. We won't ever say we will capture every photo as weddings are unpredictable. we will always try to capture the greatest coverage we can in the time we have available.

Do I need to provide a helper?

Yes, for the family portraits, someone who knows who is who, that can quickly grab them and pull them into the photos. We will compose the photos but in the interests of time, you should choose a helper for this section to avoid wasted "photography time".

What will my photos look like?

You will get a collection of images, have a look at our style guide to see how these might look. It's important to remember wedding photography is not studio photography, we are capturing an event so the ceremony and reception images will be styled as such and we will be capturing semi or totally candid photos the majority of the time. We work to your venue and lighting conditions and furniture so if you have a dark room, your images will reflect that. Consider the placement of the furniture in your venues when it comes to your photos. Remember also editing is included in your package, this, however, dose not include airbrushing, digital liposuction or any major manipulation to your photos. These are extra services and require an extra fee.


Do we get to see or keep the RAW files

No sorry, we do not release the raw files. Only images that are examples of our best work will form your final gallery. Images that are blurry, pixelated, improperly exposed or a duplicate are not examples of this and will not form your final gallery. These are deleted once your wedding album is uploaded to our cloud host.


Do we get a share app?

Yes! These are free and you need to request one. Before the day we can set you up with a share app to give to your guests so that they can see your photos as they are released.


How does the timing work?

No matter how many hours you book, the clock starts when Jaana arrives and finishes when she leaves.​ Travel and meal breaks are included in your booking time. We do not 'pause' photography for breaks, travel or stops.

So am I paying for travel?

Yes this is part of the cost of providing you with the service when you book you need to account for travel in your timing - the clock starts on the number of hours booked on our arrival and finishes when we leave.

Is there a contract?

Yes, absolutely we cover off those items set out in the case study here.


How much time should I set aside?

This varies, but as an experienced wedding photographer, Jaana can help you set the approximate timing perfectly to sync with your day and worth within what you have available,


Do you travel interstate?

Yes, however, surcharges will apply to cover travel and accommodation. 


Do we need to provide a meal?

If we are with you longer than 7 hours (including travel) we require a meal at your reception. 


Is local travel included?

Yes! For locations within 15kms of Goodna based in Ipswich/Brisbane ($50 travel surcharge will apply beyond this for each location/trip/stop) and bookings must be consecutive (if you require Jaana to come for half an hour, then leave and come back hours later, additional travel charges and photography  charges will apply).


Can I book and additional photographer for the day, or just additional hours?

Yes, this is at a cost of $200 per hour for an additional photographer, and this price includes x1 photographers. Hours that are not in consecutive order will be charged at that rate. Their roll is to second shoot the wedding, so their additional hours are not a duplicate of the number of photos, but is a second angle on key imagery. Additional hours for Jaana are $150.

What happens if time just rolls on?

If your day expands and you ask us to stay on, we will bill you for additional hours at $150 an hour after the event. We will otherwise leave at the close of your booking.

Do you come to say goodbye?

It depends. if you are in the midst of your day we wont bother you, we will slip off quietly and allow you to continue on. We will text you 30 minutes before your booking closes to check that you do not want any additional hours. We recommend connecting us with a key person if you would like to make a decision at the end of the night to keep us there longer but do not want to be interrupted, to allow them to make a decision for you.


Do I have to provide you a shoot list?

Yes we strongly encourage it, if you are specific about the photos you want to be captured please provide us a shoot list. If none is provided we will capture your day based on our experience. We do not accept liability for missed photos if you do not take time to outline whats important to you.

Can you move furniture to get the shots?

No, we will not move furniture or rearrange decorations as this is a breach in our insurance policy.

Will you automatically Photoshop me?

No, We think you are beautiful the way you are, if you wish to be airbrushed or have weight removed, there are additional charges. We will only adjust exposure, slightly sharpen and ensure colour calibration on our images. Airbrushing, digital liposuction, smoothing, spot removal, wrinkle removal and major adjustments outside of simple exposure and colour adjustments are charged at the hourly rate that applied to your booking and are extra (not included in the price of your booking).

Will every pose you put me in work?

No, we will experiment with various poses to capture the real you - some will work others wont. You will only get copies of those that work.

Do I get a refund if it rains?

No, we will work with what we have available, We will not photograph in the rain without cover for our electrical gear. We work with thousands of dollars of camera equipment which is water resistant not water sealed. Additionally, it is a breach of our public liability insurance policy. If we have to shoot in a secondary location, It is worth planning for an event like this by ensuring adequate light. space & a satisfactory background is available to accommodate images. We can help you plan for rain but do not take responsibility for the quality of images if a suitable space is not allocated.


Can you reproduce photos from examples I give you?

No, but we are happy to try. We can attempt to reproduce specific images, however, as light, timing and just about everything will be different on your day we don't ever promise that we will be able to do that.

Can you edit to my style?

Yes, but it depends on a few factors. We light to edit to a particular style, but if you have one in mind we can certainly accommodate that. We do like to do some pre edits on shots you have had taken in the past to show you what that might look like before you make that decision.

Other factors to consider are your choices around light (harsh or glary lighting like morning or lunchtime sun for example) creates glary, squinty and harsh photos, if the day you get married is rainy, your imaging will result in more moody-looking edits. Please discuss your needs and calibrate your expectations before the big day including where the locations are, the available light and how they will be set up, with your photographer so they can provide clear expectations for you to chose from based on your wedding choices.


Can I book a second shooter?

Yes, we have trusted professionals we work with regularly in this capacity, additional hours are $200 per hour booked. Each additional is based on availability and their contracts vary, they are generally engaged as a second shooter for the day.


Can you video the event too? What about VR video?

Yes, we have a videographer we work with who can provide you a price based on your needs.


How long until I get my photos?
We release a set of up to 10 within 24-48 hours, and then process the remaining images within 6-8 weeks of your nuptials. Good things come to those who wait ;-)


Why so long to process them?

When we shoot your special day, we are only just starting the process of your photography. The bulk of the work is undertaken after your day is done. For each hour of photography, we spend with you, we will spend at least 4 hours in editing, usually a lot more (somewhere around 5-12). Whilst you are super excited to get them back, trust us, the extra time is well worth it for you to have the investment you made in your images yield the results that will last a lifetime.

When is my deposit due? How do payment plans work?

This can work a few ways, if you do not require a payment plan, your deposit is due when you confirm your date. The deposit is 50% of the balance. If you enter a payment plan, you pay a 20% deposit and pay the remainder off based on a % divisible over the weeks before the wedding. See the cancellations policy above.  The final payment must be made 14 days before the wedding date.


How do I book?

Contact or call 0438758269 and we would be happy to assist.


What happens after I book?

We make a time to catch up to discuss your special day. Once you are ready to proceed we send you a quote and invoices (based on your payment frequency and agreement), collect your deposit and send you an online contract to sign. As soon as that is finalised you are locked in.

Why should I print through you?​

Whilst we provide all the edits to you we recommend that you print through us for a few reasons. A professional photo lab is very different from the printing service that you will find in department stores. The biggest reasons for the difference is the quality of papers and inks and finishes used to print your photos and that we calibrate our edits to the print labs requirements.

Who owns the photos?

All images taken remain the property of Jaana Brown, clients purchase the time of the photographer to take them, edit them and supply them. Digital files included in your plan extend this right for unlimited use to you also AND the rights to either reproduce them in print (or use them in marketing for business clients). Jaana Brown maintains the right to use the images in full or part for marketing and furthering the enterprise of the business. Images may not be used for commercial purposes without the expressed permission of the photographer.


Photos captured by the photographer will form part of that portfolio and will be used for marketing through various available channels at the photographer's discretion. This means that they may be used on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.) or on our website/blog or printed in a physical folio. You are welcome to restrict particular images for use however as we respect and understand that there may be privacy issues. Simply let us know.


Why so expensive?

When we break our hourly rate down and you come to understand what you are paying for you will find that the rates may sound high but realistically we offer a very affordable service.


Check out the below infographic that shows what is involved in wedding photography to learn what you are paying for when you book Jaana, This will assist you in understanding the investment you make in wedding photography, The hourly rate might seem high when you consider it paying for the hours she is on site, but what you are really paying for is the weeks of work that go into editing them after your day is done.


What happens after the wedding concludes?

Once we have produced your wedding albums we will email you a copy of your invoice with the dates we delivered everything promised, a snapshot of the hours we spent on your day to confirm our commitment and a link to your gallery and app.


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