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Jaana is a photographer, artist and business owner with an awe-inspiring passion for capturing the essence of individuals, products, events and business through the eye of her camera. On any day, you could find Jaana at the end of a high fashion run way, at home in her studio designing creative product shoots, out on the road at events, shopping centres, stores and small businesses and finally in post production mode with 1000’s of images. 

As a child she would lie beneath the Christmas tree looking up watching, infatuated, as the warm white bulbs stretched shadows about the branches, the delicate relationship between light and dark almost, as though they were struggling between them to cast the greatest contrast.

Movement and light, they are woven together throughout her work in an evolution that started as the long shadows in the plastic tree. Deep blacks and bokeh are regularly combined with deliberate ambiguous focal points throughout her artistic collections.


Her commercial portfolio is bright and vibrant with clear overexposed whites and sharp direction used predominately in marketing. In contrast you will find her weddings and portrait photography follows the same principle but brings and element of mood and moments, combined with the art form that is speaking through image.

But there is so much more than a photographer title for Jaana, she is also director of Think Tank  Branding Solutions, a full service-marketing agency offering strategic planning, graphic design, web design, social media and more. 

Creativity she feels, is inside every person and is expressed as passion. This passion is what drives her to continually find light and movement, capturing  that moment of embrace within her collection and your images.

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