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Just Sport n Fitness Mini meet

On Sunday I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot the Mini Meet held at Goodna Aquatic and it was fabulous. They let me run with my own style and I captured the event in a candid style. Here are (in my opinion) a collection of the better photos. For the shoot I alternated between manual and autofocus depending on what I was doing. I shot with two lenses between 35mm and 200mm and I alternated between Manual mode, Aperture and Shutter modes depending on what I was trying to capture.

I am pretty fond of sports photography and I am liking the rush of testing your skills against the clock, I certainly think it is helping to define my style.

Just Sport N Fitness have given me the clear to shoot at any of their various locations which is even better so I look forward to getting that locked down in future weeks.

Until then please enjoy the best of the 130 I produced.


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