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Blue Knot photographic competition and ‘Moments’ Depression project

Through CATC I found out that the Blue Knot foundation runs an annual photographic competition and entries were open for 2016 entries.

The foundation is focused on empowering recovery from childhood trauma, you can read about them here:

The outline for the competition was as follows [taken from their website]:

Blue Knot Day 2016 Photography Competition

As part of Blue Knot Day celebrations, Blue Knot Foundation is hosting a photo competition to highlight this year's theme of 'together we lead the way to survivor recovery'. We are looking for images that follow this theme and feature a blue knot. Up to 20 finalist entries will be selected for exhibition, with cash prizes available for 3 winners. You can download the competition flyer here. Details of the competition are as follows: First prize $1,000 cash, second prize $500, third prize $250

  • Entry is free and the competition is open to everyone 16 or over, so spread the word to your budding photographer friends today!

  • All entries must feature a blue knot and follow the theme of together we lead the way to survivor recovery

  • Up to 20 finalist entries will be selected for exhibition at a gallery TBC

  • The winners of the competition will be announced at the exhibition

  • All submissions are to be made online via the form below

  • Each individual entrant can submit up to 3 high-resolution photographic images

  • Entries close at midnight on Sunday 9 October 2016

  • Finalists will be notified by phone or email by Friday 14 October 2016

  • The competition will be judged by a panel as appointed by Blue Knot Foundation

  • The competition is limited to still photography. Substantial digital manipulation is not permitted, but slight enhancement is.

Below you can find my entries, I am still working on my last one but I need a clear day to shoot it and at the moment its raining.

Overall I am happy with both of the images, I have had a lot of love on Instagram for the second one.

The competition inspired me to create the following series of photos which I have since submitted to Frankie magazine with a proposal for publishing. Don’t hold your breath but hey you got to try right?

These images are in a series called ‘Moments’ and they show a visual of the moments of a managed depressive episode, timeline irrelevant. You can find the accompanying poem on my website here:

I was rather proud of this one, as my first official photo series. It was a wonderful expression and I think the black and white combined with the simple props and background make for a simple but dramatic message.

Anyway, I have kids to bath so I best be off. I’m looking for my next photo project as we speak!


This post was originally posted to facebook and you can locate it here:

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