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Courier head is spinning!!

Oh look its me!! Standing at the media wall on the 400 co shoot, what a fab night that was, but it seems the excitement is not yet over.

Well after the Adrenalin has dropped some, Corrine (the events coordinator) asked me to get a selection of images across to them by Sunday afternoon, edited, so that they could see if any were worthy to send through to the courier mail for their social pages and also for feature in fashion.

I processed probably 25 and sent them through on drop box Saturday morning and held my breath, I did not think that I was going to get any chosen so I left it at that.

Then text messages came through:

'I reckon these 9 photos are AWESOME! Do you mind adding all the photos from the final walk (as many models as possible in the shot) to the drop box? Ill pick some from there - I don't think these need editing'

I probed to check for quality and got these:

'Yes!!! Love them!

'I heard one of the models is looking for a portfolio, I will give her your details'


''So so Awesome!!!!!!! Thank you! Amazing! We'll pick from there and send off to the courier mail!

Corrine came back to me with a selection of 12 images in total that they are going to send through to the editor. Below are the images I sent through, the gallery cuts the images off and crops them automatically so click on them to view the whole image, from the show, edited. The mail was looking for media wall images and social images, and a few on the runway.

Totally unreal! So now its up to the editor to see if I make the cut. Again, I am not totally confident but frankly, I am very excited to be possibly getting published.

Anyway, lets see how we go!!

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