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It's business.. Beautique Therapy

Its exciting when someone books you because they saw the photos you did of a similar business and want you to reproduce them for them.

Beautique Therapy in redbank booked me after they saw the photos I took of La Braise Massage in Ipswich. She wanted me to take photos of her salon as her website is currently under construction and needed bright photos to capture the audience. They wanted their site to pop and so I agreed to do the shoot.

The business owner Naomi Moodie (featured above) also wanted a portrait done that she could use across several mediums including on social media. The salon is essentially pretty dark (as they tend to be) so I brought my box lighting and frankly it was a very fun shoot! Below are the images I took and edited.

Naomi is based in Redbank, Ipswich. Her prices are beyond reasonable so if you live in that area you can find here here:

The model in the photos just happens to be her make up artist (who did her make up for this shoot) you can find Rachel located in the same area, she too has extreemly reasonable procices : here:

Anyway, overall I found that even in a small space with some lighting and creativity you can pull together some really great photos!

Till next time.


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