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Flat Strap

Its been a crazy couple weeks! I don’t really know where to start, but I guess I have covered off most of it in my video blogs anyway so I wont go over old ground.

Highlights would have to be the engagement night time shoot I did with Cilla and Maise, The Poulton wedding, landing the Jacaranda deal (and everything that it encompasses) and basically starting to get everything rolling.

I have the mini meet for swimming tomorrow which should be fun, I’m shooting a beauty business too which will be great fun. On Tuesday I have the Enviroplan Awards (cant wait) and on Friday I have the 400co Runway shoot!! So things are ticking along. What is not ticking along is admin and post production......

But I am catching up.

At the rate I did my first few shoots looking back, when you add the hours together I pretty much paid them to allow me to take their photo lol. Now don’t get me wrong the benefits that are not tangible FAR FAR outweigh those that are and what I have learned from doing them, put simply you couldn't learn from a course. I’d do it all over again tomorrow for the experience - it has been amazing!

What I wanted to get back to on my blogs though was photography and what I love and am learning about it and leave my chatter about what I have on to Facebook live.

This afternoon I snapped a few images in my garden, I suffer from a condition called ‘I love the rain’ and so I scooted out for 10 minutes and captured these ones in an effort to get some of my hobby back into my business.

It had been a while since I had done any macro, and the world looks so amazing up close in the rain so I thought I might as well. But this time I did something I dont usually do, I used full manual focus, my camera was running on 100% me power (as far as a DSLR will let you go) and I believe it churned out some beautiful captures!

This first one is taken at F/6.3 1/125 sec ISO-400 at a focal length of 200mm no flash and enhanced slightly on KVAD Pro to sharpen up the spider and add some contrast. I was pretty happy with it overall.

This one was taken of what essentially is the backdrop to my first shot. We have this gorgeous jasmine vine that the previous owners planted and once a year it flowers, this is it slightly after full bloom. F/5.6 1/125s ISO640 with a focal length of 300mm.

Two summers ago I planted a passionfruit plant at the front of our home, it went wild and started to die off over winter. Here you see where the rain has collected and the drop is about to drip off. I love the refracted light. Shot at F/8 1/125sec, ISO180 at 300mm

So I have this happy plant that seemingly replenishes its self post rain and gose back to dead each summer year after year after year. This is it shot at F/8 1/400sec (it was windy) ISO200 at 300mm. I’m fond of the water droplet hanging out on the upturned petal.

Anyway, whilst its just a short blog, and there has been loads of visual activity on my page, I wanted to make sure that it was being updated with some of the more hobby-centric photography I enjoy!!

Jaana x

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