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Jacaranda Festival in the bag!

Since inception, Photos by Jaana-Liisa has been expanding almost quicker than I can keep up with it and the draw card for me this year would have to be the Jacaranda Festival in October.

Today I signed the dotted line and can officially advise that I am the dedicated photographer for the three day Jacaranda Festival in October.

Every year this spring festival draws local talent, rides, traders and with a reach of 70,000 within the Goodna and surrounding area its no wonder why its so popular with the community.

This year I decided to contact the festival in the hope to negotiate and I was in luck.

Excited by the prospect of being offered the role as dedicated festival photographer is an understatement, the value to my growing business is phenomenal (which comes in a variety of forms) as a result of my involvement never mind the sponsorship package I picked up - thanks for coming. I have had Global Diva Style offer to dress me for the festival in their luxuary kaftans which means I will stand right out on the day.

But all that means nothing if you cant come through with the goods, there has been a lot to organise in a relatively short period of time, an online store to sell prints, hiring a second shooter, equipment and the list goes on but overall I would have to say now that the glitter has rubbed off I just can not wait to dig my teeth into it.

So if you are looking for a free day out with the family, or are curious to see what the festival can offer come on down over the three day event, check out the rides, see the performances, get your photo taken and enjoy the sea of purple Jacarandas in full bloom.

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