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Street-scapes and other fun stuff...

Last night we had dinner with my husbands family. It was lovely, in the heart of Ipswich, which until last night, I didn't think held a loads of promise when it came to photography. Truthfully I had not even given it place of thought... until of course I left the Chinese restaurant and was confronted with some beautiful street-skapes. At least that is what I am calling them.

I ditched the flash and had a crack and snapping some photos without a tripod and to be honest I was rather chuffed with the result.

This was one of the last photos I took and it was on the fly as hubby was loading the kids in the car to leave and I wanted one last snap. I liked it though because of the over exposure and the shadows that seemed to come from every direction. There was something beautiful about the silent street that made me want to capture it.

Shot on NIKON D5000 at 1/4 sec. f/5 35 mm ISO 3200 RAW

I think thought what I could have spent hours photographing was the architecture there. Top of town in Ipswich wasn't always a great place to hang out at 8pm. But with all the changes to the city and the progressive changes its almost Bendigo-esk when it comes to the style of the buildings.

This church was shot on NIKON D5000 at 1/13 sec. f/4.5 18 mm ISO 3200 RAW and whilst I didn't get the bokeh I was hoping for, the stark backdrop certainly made the building pop.

Potentially my favourite of the evening was this shot though and I still dont really know why, it may have been the lighting and how the shadows fell, maybe the angle of the building or even the way the poster on the side of the building and its vandalism exposes something about the racial undercurrents in the town, but I liked how it came out and I found it pleasing the the eye. Maybe something of a 90’s vintage album cover.

Shot on NIKON D5000 at 1/4 sec. f/4.5 18 mm ISO 3200 RAW.

This one I doctored slightly, I wanted to see how the vibrant yellow looked when feathered against a black and white background and frankly I like it. Almost makes me want to do a series on street-scapes photographing things with yellow splashes.

Shot on NIKON D5000 at 1/25 sec. f/4.5 26 mm ISO 3200 RAW

After all the concern I had about photographing in low light, I am starting to feel like its actually one of my favourite modes in terms of hobby photography. Not a lot of money in that I am afraid but plenty of pleasure.

I also snapped one of the night sky below, even managing this time to capture some for the celestial clouds of the milky way. Tonight I hope to extend on this as we are heading out to Karana Downs for dinner and the light pollution is minimal so fingers crossed I can snap a few really pretty ones.

Anyway, we have to leave in 15 mins and I just wanted to get the blog out for today and not miss a chance to capture the learning.

Stay tuned for star shots.


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