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Photoshop - Im learning lots

This is just a quick little update to show my progress in airbrushing and image altering.

Here is a rather unattractive no make up, bad skin, selfie of me... No one likes a bad selfie right..


This is what I did to it:

- Gave the hair volume

- Removed all the spots

- Lightened the exposure

- Lightened the skin

- Removed scar from nose and moles / pimples / pores

- Magically lost some weight

- Applied airbrushing to the skin

- Removed shadows

- Spot corrected

- Brought they eyes out

- Add an even skin tone

- Added shadows for jaw / cheek definition

- Applied a complimentary filter

and this is what I now have.... whilst it looks like I went and got Botox and am wearing some terribly thick foundation, its actually rather amazing how different you can make an image look! If I had time I would have blended the eyebrows more, but you get the idea....

Anyway, watch this space as I have a rather large number of images coming up and this one was my try out everything and take it to the max image.

This post was originally published to facebook you can find it here:

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