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Exciting times!

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Well I’m very excited to say business is booming, I have bookings coming out of my ears and work for weeks. Its unbelievable really and the variety is tremendous I have a couple weddings, a runway show and engagement, a birthday party maybe a housewarming, a newborn photo shoot, a couple maternity shoots and I have been turning people away because I am booked out.

Its super humbling, it makes you think about how lucky you are that people choose you to photograph and capture these amazingly intimate moments in their lives. Now I know that a lot of it is to do with how low my price is, but even so, I don’t believe people would give you the opportunity for truly special photos if they didn't think that you were ok at what you did.

With the bookings comes learning, I have been actively learning Photoshop - messing around with airbrushing and ways to tweak photos and I am learning heaps. Its amazing, I just wish I knew it all right now.

Little tweaks like learning how to do masks to create colour splashes like this...

Messing around with filters and exposure allowing me to add detail, take it away and change the colours like this:

Even enhancing facial features like this:



I am rapidly finding that there are many ways to achieve any one thing in Photoshop and its key to know which one is the best way for any particular photo.

Anyway, the learning is great and you can buy experience so its wonderful to be able to have the opportunity to make these adjustments and learn from doing !


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