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Physie dry run take 2 - SUCCESS!

If you are following my blog you will know I am not a fan of the lighting in the school hall my daughters practice in - I figured if I could get the lighting right here then the comp in a couple weeks will be fine (I have been advised that there are windows down one side woohoo).

In any case it has been a wonderful and very quick learning curve in low light photography and I am pleased to say I’m rather happy with the outcome overall. If you read my previous attempt you will see I scrutinised the settings and got rather cross. This time I am pleased with the outcome. Here are some shots of my girls during training, late afternoon almost entirely artificial light from the roof and facing outwards from the stage towards us.

I have listed the photo measurements for anyone interested.

NIKON D5000 F/5.6 1/100s ISO-1600 200mm No Flash

NIKON D5000 F/5 1/60s ISO-1600 145mm No Flash

NIKON D5000 F/4.2 1/40s ISO-800 75mm No Flash

This post was originally made on facebook and has been brought over to my website, you can find the original here:

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