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Welcome to my blog...

Well I have decided to use the notes function of my Facebook page as a blog,

its easy to access and update and basically its convenient. So welcome, I hope that through reading these posts you gain some insight into me as a person and that you learn along with me on my journey.

They say when you want to be successful at something you need a mantra, something to keep you focused on the prize and moving forwards. For me its developed into the phrase ‘Shoot Everyday’. Almost by accident I came across a blog (and if you asked me I couldn't recall where it was or who wrote it) but as I skimmed through the content I came across the phrase and it just stuck. Its only through practice that I will learn and be able to use the skills, and so you will see the hashtag #shooteveryday all over my ... well everything really... and that is the reason why.

Today for instance, I took my children to Rocks Riverside park. As they galloped around taking in the adventure of the outing, I snapped away at things that took my interest. Whilst I didn't do it justice the reflection of the river was amazing set against the clear sky. I came across bush turkeys and crows, even a small bird collecting hair to build a nest. It really is amazing what you see when your not really looking for anything particular.

I posted the photos I took at the park earlier today, but in case you missed them here they are again. I hope you enjoy!



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